About Us


Peterson Rehabilitation is now NVAP REHAB LLC owned organization where therapists are given opportunity to provide 1-on-1 patient care using evidence based clinical interventions and home exercise program to regain as well as maintain functional mobility.

Our Mission

To provide individualized and hands-on personal care for helping your recovery from pain and functional limitations, which may have occurred as a result of acute or chronic injury, accident, sports or fall.

Quality Care

Our staff brings in 40 years of combined experience to provide excellent hands on care and our 1440 sq. ft. facility is fully equipped to provide outpatient rehabilitation services for all kinds of injury.

An Array Of Specializations

We specialize in treating acute and chronic musculo-skeletal as well as neurological conditions which includes injuries from falls, motor vehicle accidents, sports or wear & tear of joints in daily life. Our post-surgical rehabilitation protocols for hip, knee and shoulder replacements are evidence based and will help regain your mobility in least possible time.