Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

“The staffs are sincere, patient, loving, kind, and attentive and make my appointment a happy event. I made unbelievable progress by the second session of a 4-week program."

-Karen U., WPB, Florida

"You pursued my case with the same passion and determination as you would have pursued monitoring your own grandmother’s medical condition."

-Anne L., WPB, Florida

“I have just finished my Physical Therapy at Peterson’s. It was a rewarding experience. The staffs are so friendly and dedicated to their work. The atmosphere is a happy and comfortable one.”

-Belle K., WPB, Florida


It is our mission to provide you with the highest quality rehabilitation services. See what our patients have to say about us.


“When I first came to Peterson’s, I automatically felt very comfortable with their very relaxed atmosphere. Without having very good English, they were more than accommodating to understand my needs and concerns. All therapists including my therapist were very approachable and listened to all my concerns. Since being here at Peterson’s, I have progressively improved, reaching “my” goals. I absolutely, highly recommend Peterson Rehabilitation for all therapy needs.”

- Alejandro Diaz

marilyn paula hattie

“Being apprehensive about attending “Rehabilitation”, I was more than pleased with my experience at Peterson’s. Everyone was so pleasant and professional… but more than that, they were available for any questions or assistance. But I can’t say enough about my therapist, who took me along “step by step” explaining the reasons for each exercise. My therapist was a joy to work and solved the problem I originally went to Peterson’s for. I recommend their expertise highly.”

- Mariyln Compo

“I would like to thank Peterson Rehabilitation for being so wonderful and caring. I am from New York, and I have had a lot of rehab, and nobody has helped me the way Peterson Rehabilitation has. My therapist explains everything to me, and has taken away a lot of my fears of walking, without an assisted device. Everyone here is great, and this place has a wonderful atmosphere. They even pick me up and bring me home! Now who does that?”

- Paula Hochman

“When I first came into Peterson Rehabilitation, they were very upfront and personal, making me feel right at home. My therapist, along with the rest of the staff listened to all my goals for therapy. They went through everything very thoroughly, not once making me feel out of place. They were very easy to talk to. I absolutely love Peterson Physical Therapy. They have helped me to reach all my goals and more, improving my quality of life and beyond, every day. They continue to push my progress to match my wildest dreams. I highly recommend Peterson Rehabilitation for all your therapy needs. You won’t regret it!”

- Hattie Hosey

“Peterson Rehabilitation what can I say?!!!!! Absolutely AWESOME! My first day at Peterson Rehab, I could barely walk. I had injured the ligament and tendons in my leg. Dr. Peterson evaluated my condition and his staff went to work on me. We were leaving for a cruise in 6 weeks, and the goal was for me to be able to wear heels to dinner every night. I really didn’t think sneakers were appropriate for formal wear. Well not only was I able to wear heels, I wore heels without pain! My husband can’t keep up with me when we are walking, he actually tells me to slow down. Now about the Physical Therapist- so competent, so compassionate, so knowledgeable, so positive, so understanding, so so  so much more- all those things while encouraging you to do more each time, even when you thought you couldn’t. There was not one person that walked through the front door that was not greeted by name, each and every patient. They knew everyone by name. Being treated at Peterson Rehab is like being with family. I have gone to other Physical therapist- not only do they not remember your name, but many times they didn’t even know what treatment you were there for. I tell everyone I meet, IF YOU NEED PHYSICAL THERAPY- CALL PETERSON REHABILITATION!”

- Jeanette Borg